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What is HReality Events?
HReality Events is an event CMS and interactive virtual event environment. Through the combination of event sign up, contact management, marketing, and event interaction/experience, HReality Events offers more interaction to virtual gatherings on a large scale with the ability monetize. By encompassing a virtual space where the user is free to navigate as they please, the technology and platform don’t hinder the conference experience. Content reaches people in a similar manner to a traditional conference medium. As users drive their avatar through the venue, they can network with other attendees and vendors via video chat or instant messenger, download collateral from vendors, join in on keynotes/speaker sessions, and more.
What is HReality?
Hybrid Reality (HReality) is a mixed reality environment created through the combination of AR, VR, lidar, 3D animation, spatial digital computing, and the professionalization of gamification. By integrating the physical human experience into the digital worlds, HReality is truly a first-person affair—see it, feel it, experience it.
How do I host an HReality Event?
Host your HReality Event in 5 simple steps.
  • Pay deposit
  • Place event reservation and date
  • Upload spreadsheet of attendees
  • Upload spreadsheet of sponsors and exhibitors
  • Invites get sent out
What is the ideal size for an HReality Event?
Our goal is the success of your event — whatever shape or size that comes in. HReality Events can accommodate intimate seminars and high traffic exhibit halls. HReality venues are built to scale to your needs.
How can HReality improve help my event?
HReality is here to welcome you to the new frontier of virtual. Transcend the digital networking barrier and offer a new kind of interaction, knowledge transfer, and value to your attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers. Whether you are planning a conference, trade show, seminar, expo, or networking event, HReality Events has the team, tech, and tools to ensure you’re off to the races!
How does the HReality Events platform work?
HReality is a self-service tool. We provide the platform, event communications, analytics, and professional services to get your event going. The actual event is managed and customized by you.
What is the level of customization offered for virtual events?
The HReality Event Center is a combination of the finest convention centers to create a hybrid, virtual convention center and comes as the standard convention center for events. The venue can be scaled to fit events of any size. Booths are customizable to exhibitors’ desired level of functionality. All venue branding and event communications are customized to your event.
Is there a limit on how many attendees can be on the platform at once?
No, there is no limit on the number of attendees.
How/when do I pay for my event?
You pay a $10,000 deposit upfront to build, communicate, and host your HReality Event. After your event, 30% of the event revenue after $10,000 is paid to HReality as the event platform service provider.
What level of support is included with my event?
HReality Events offers 24/7 support.
How do I build my HReality Event?
Configuring you your HReality Event is easy. Follow the steps in your Host Portal setup as you’re prompted to customize and brand your event.
Can I use my own ticketing and registration provider?
HReality Events is built as an all-in-one event hosting platform that includes ticketing and registration for your event, in addition to all event communications leading up to the event.
How do I create my HReality avatar?
Creating your avatar is as easy as taking a picture. To create your photorealistic avatar, simply take a picture of your face with your hair pulled back, then upload that photo at Registration before you join your HReality Event. Then, you will be prompted to choose an outfit before you enter the exhibit hall.
How do I walk around the HReality environment?
HReality Events was designed to be intuitive. Navigating the environment is simple. Use your mouse to click on one of the four arrow buttons located towards the bottom of the screen to move in that direction. Or click on the ground ahead of you to move to that spot. You can also navigate the environment by clicking on the map in the righthand corner. This allows you to jump to that spot on the map. Helpful hits will appear at the bottom of the screen near the navigation buttons as you move through the environment.
How do I talk to others in the HReality environment?
As you approach colleagues and other HReality Event attendees, you will be prompted with a contact card on the lower left-hand screen. Here, you can see their name, company, contact information, and options to start a text or video chat.
How do I build my HReality exhibit?
Building your virtual booth is easy. Follow the steps in our Booth Configurator as you’re prompted to customize and brand your booth.