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Experience next generation
professional virtual conferencing

All virtual conferencing is not created equal, and HReality Events is bringing the best to the table. This platform provides incredible virtual customer experiences that rival and outperform conventional, in-person brand experiences. Backed by the power of Hybrid Reality (HReality™), this enhanced user experience allows your attendees to interact within the virtual world in real time.

By integrating the physical human experience into digital worlds, HReality is truly a first-person affair — see it, feel it, experience it. Just like a traditional conference, attendees can look forward to a highly interactive first-person experience. Imagine the immersive nature of first-person perspective video games, but reconceived for professional virtual interaction opportunities, university learning modules, and digital content at the co-op level.

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Straight Forward Pricing to Ensure ROI

Increase your reach, interactions, and engagement by up to 400%
for less than half the cost of a traditional event.

  • Explore booths and chat with sales representatives
  • Experience one-on-one networking with fellow attendees
  • View demos, literature, and other promotional materials
  • Join group interactions in real time
  • Live streamed networking and relationship building events
  • Keynote speeches and breakout sessions delivered in real time or on-demand via webcast or webinar technology
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If you want the best — here it is.

Through the combination of multiple video technologies, physical footage is digitally overlaid, allowing physical elements to be dynamically integrated into the virtual world. Bringing all the power to your fingertips to create amazing and seamless, brand-centric parallel reality and livestream transmissions.

HReality is a self-service offering. Configure your HReality environment through our easy-to-use WYSIWYG portal, built with you in mind. Host your event at the HReality Convention Center, a digitally accurate venue inspired by the best convention centers from around the world, or request a custom venue based on your traditional event venue. If you need help creating a conference from the ground up, our team assists with event strategy and coordination, best practices, conference communications, content development, and execution.

convergence of media and technology
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Alternative. Innovative. Better.

Features that offer optimal interaction and turnkey superior quality production.

One Platform, Many Uses

Host conferences, trade shows, hybrid events, and seminars in customizable venues to suit your needs.

Collaboration & Engagement

Video and direct messaging, social media, appointment scheduling, and group meetings.

Registration & Communications

Customized landing page, third-party registration and payment processing, and pre/post event emails.

Event Analytics

AI-driven monitoring and data analysis to identify the true marketing ROI of a virtual event.

High-level Data Security

Enterprise-level security, role-based access, and location/domain-based access control.

Personalized Experiences

Photo-realistic avatars, LinkedIn integration, itinerary planning, and calendar sync.

In-Convention Monetization

Sponsoring and advertising opportunities, networking, and online education with blockchain credentials.

Integrated Live Streaming

YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom, Simulive, GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Adobe Connect, and more.

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Competitor Comparison

  • 6-60 breakout rooms (2 sizes, 16 people and 20 people)
  • 3 auditoriums (scalable from 70-5000 people)
  • Outdoor exhibition space
  • Exhibit Hall (174-2000 exhibitors)
  • Speaker lounge
  • Networking lounge
  • Sponsorship/advertising opportunities
    • 40+ in-conference signage advertising opportunities
    • digital conference guide
    • one-to-one email promotions
    • direct mail
    • voucher program
    • digital collateral uploads
    • speaking engagements
Features: hreality Platform 1 Platform 2 Platform 3 Platform 4 Platform 5 Platform 6 Platform 7 Platform 8 Platform 9 Platform 10 Platform 11 Platform 12 Platform 13 Platform 14 Platform 15 Platform 16 Platform 17
Pre-Recorded Video
Live Video 
3D Animation 
AR/VR Environment
Lidar-Scanned Environments
Unity Game Engine 
Personalized Landing Page
Unique Registration Forms
Personalized HTMLs
Customized Virtual Booths
Booth Add-Ons
Customized Venues
Virtual Souvenirs "Swag Bags"
Speaker Sessions
Breakout Sessions
Video Conferencing 
Private Video Calls
Private Chats
University-Style Learning Modules
One-on-One Networking 
AI-Driven Analytics 
Integration with Canvas, Hubspot, Salesforce and Cvent
Native Support for Livestreaming 
Interactive Maps
Surveys and Live Polls
QR Code - CEU Tracking 
Comprehensive Dashboards 
Host Portal/Interface
Attendee Portal/Interface
Exhibitor Portal/Interface
Speaker Portal/Interface
Sponsor Portal/Interface
Equipment/Product Demos 
User Guided Exploration of Environment 
Mobile-Friendly Interface
Downloadable Marketing Materials 
Photo Realistic Avatars 
Customized Avatars
Itinerary Planning 
Appointment Scheduling 
Calendar Sync 
Group Meetings 
In-Convention Monetization 
LinkedIn Integration 
Social Media Integration 
High-Level Data Security 
Virtual Environment Add-Ons (breathtaking views, fireworks, dance-offs, speed boats, etc.) 
Support For Thousands of Attendees 
Specialized Voice/Sounds
Breakout Rooms/Boardrooms
Outdoor Campus 
Expo Hall 
Entertainment Stage 
Professional Services Add-On 
Gestures and Reactions 
Language Translation 
Website Embedding 
Retail Cart
Platform/Tool Integrations 
Single Sign-On 
Hybrid Events 
Empathy Engine™ 
Fashion Fix: from Suits & Skirts to Boots & Spurs 
Virtual Self-Awareness 
Audio Channels (Seated Local Spatial Chat) 
Virtual Product Showcase 

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The true value of virtual

What is the true cost of attending an in-person trade show for your vendors? And more importantly, what is their ROI for attending your trade show?

Experts suggest trade show budgets should be roughly three times the amount planned for the booth with 6 to 12 months of planning, design, and production prior to the event. On average, it costs around $100-$150 per square foot of floor space for a trade show exhibit. This means a 10x10 booth will be around $14,000 with a total budget of $42,000. 20x20 booths are upwards of $20,000 with a total budget of $60,000.

ROI of a Traditional vs. Virtual Event

While there are many software solutions available for event management and measuring event success, one of the biggest challenges exhibitors face is measuring trade show ROI. With HReality virtual events, tracking and analytics are baked into the platform to ensure your vendors’ ROI.

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