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Comparing HReality to other "virtual" convention platforms is like comparing dial-up Internet to 5G - which do you prefer?

The first-ever (patent pending) real time, one-to-one, and personal HReality (the hybrid combination of VR/AR, video, game engine, and professional conferencing interactions) within a virtual platform.

A big difference and honest solution to virtual networking.

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Engaging, high-value real time personal interaction

The very best professional platforms have been combined for seamless visual event production.

  • Only bridge for professional and personal conventions, conferences, trade shows, and eLearning.
  • Designed to encourage engagement through university-style learning modules, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities.
  • Native live streaming compatibilities with your preferred platform.
  • AI-driven analytics dashboards that include demographic and behavioral scoring, attendee interactions, impressions, and more.
  • Single sign-on, self-service virtual convention hosting platform.
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Conference or convention — it's custom

Host your convention at our HReality Convention Center, a digitally accurate venue inspired by the best convention centers from around the world. Customize your event venue with branding, booth configurations, breakout rooms and amphitheaters, virtual demos, and more.

Looking for something more personalized and custom? Using the newest in video technology and lidar equipment, we can virtually replicate your environment with 100% real life accuracy. Contact the HReality team at to discuss future branding experiences.

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Customizable booths with
best-in-class analytics

Instantly talk, foster connections, create leads, and sell products at your custom branded HReality exhibit booth. With a virtual booth you can allow access to your company experts to get rid of the “yeah buts” in the buying cycle. Making information more readily available to potential buyers, insuring a smoother and more efficient buying process.

Virtual booths leverage existing budget-neutral assets and mitigate all risk by costing far less and connecting to many more prospects. Demo, chat, schedule meetings, and provide downloadable collateral with end-to-end, real-time analytics included on booth interactions, a true value of the platform.

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Personified and personalized avatars — you look like you

Human interaction, establishing trust, and creating connection are all necessary aspects when crafting the intimacy of doing business. The ability to recognize colleagues, industry leaders, and potential clients with real life likeness is taken to the next level with professionalication™. HReality avatars not only look the part, but they act it with real business etiquette, mannerisms, and gestures that allow the next level of interaction to happen virtually.

In an HReality environment, you are personified and personalized. You look like you. You interact like you. You experience.

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Video and messaging interaction in real time

One-to-one or one-to-many, interactions are spontaneously prompted by you within the 4D environment. All interactions are dependent on your decisions, just like real relationship building. As you enter proximity, you will be prompted to interact.

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