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What could you do with HReality?

Streamlined event planning

HReality Events offers a new, simplified approach to planning events, hybrid or virtual! You no longer need 25+ people to produce your event. With all marketing services baked in and deliverable communications, media kits, and advertising automated, HReality Events is removing the middleman and extra fees to be the support staff you need for a successful event with less hassle!

Lowering the barrier of entry

Conventions are expensive and full of hidden costs for the host. HReality Events is flipping the script and lowering the barrier of entry to produce an event. Reserve your event date in advance with a $10,000 deposit, then HReality Events receives 30% of event revenue, leaving you, the host, with 70% of event proceeds!

Superior quality virtual events

HReality Events combines revolutionary methods with industry trendsetting functionality to create superior quality virtual events. Built on the basis of creating professional virtual interactions, HReality Events was developed with professionalication™ and can be utilized without the use of head and hand gear.

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A difference you can see

All virtual conferencing is not created equal — see the HReality™ difference.

Conference or convention — it's custom

Host your convention at our HReality Convention Center, a digitally accurate venue inspired by the best convention centers from around the world, or have your environment custom built for your event.

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Customizable 4D interactive booths

Your company experts have the ability to instantly talk, demo, schedule meetings, sell products, and provide downloadable collateral with end-to-end real-time analytics. Making information more readily available to potential buyers, ensuring a smoother and more efficient buying process.

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Personified and personalized avatars

Establish trust and create connections as you — with real life likeness, HReality avatars not only look the part, but they act it with real business etiquette, mannerisms, and gestures that allow the next level of interaction to happen virtually.

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Video and messaging interaction in real time

One-to-one or one-to-many, interactions are spontaneously prompted by you within the 4D environment. All interactions are dependent on your decisions, just like real relationship building. As you enter proximity, you will be prompted to interact.

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Engaging, real-time
personal interaction

HReality Events is a business-centric hybrid VR platform for conferencing, conventions, and tradeshows. Built on the basis of creating professional virtual interactions, HReality was developed with professionalication™ and can be utilized without the use of head and hand gear.

A big difference and honest solution to virtual networking.

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Alternative. Innovative. Better.

The very best professional platforms have been combined for seamless virtual event production.

One Platform, Many Uses

Host conferences, trade shows, hybrid events, and seminars in customizable venues to suit your needs.

Collaboration & Engagement

Video and direct messaging, social media, appointment scheduling, and group meetings.

Registration & Communications

Customized landing page, third-party registration and payment processing, and pre/post event emails.

Event Analytics

AI-driven monitoring and data analysis to identify the true marketing ROI of a virtual event.

High-level Data Security

Enterprise-level security, role-based access, and location/domain-based access control.

Personalized Experiences

Photo-realistic avatars, LinkedIn integration, itinerary planning, and calendar sync.

In-Convention Monetization

Sponsoring and advertising opportunities, networking, and online education with blockchain credentials.

Integrated Live Streaming

YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom, Simulive, GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Adobe Connect, and more.

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Looking for a custom branded experience?

Using the newest in virtual video technology and lidar equipment, we can virtually replicate your environment with 100% real life accuracy. Contact the HReality team to discuss future branding experiences.

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Your connection to the future

HReality has been conceived to be truly hybrid. As new virtual technologies emerge and how they are purposed continuously evolves, the cloud platform will incorporate the best new functionalities every 30 days.

What would you like to see incorporated into HReality?

Innovate HReality
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We're here to help

Find answers to the questions we get asked the most about HReality and hosting an event.

What is HReality Events?
HReality Events is an event CMS and interactive virtual event environment. Through the combination of event sign up, contact management, marketing, and event interaction/experience, HReality Events offers more interaction to virtual gatherings on a large scale with the ability monetize. By encompassing a virtual space where the user is free to navigate as they please, the technology and platform don't hinder the conference experience. Content reaches people in a similar manner to a traditional conference medium. As users drive their avatar through the venue, they can network with other attendees and vendors via video chat or instant messenger, download collateral from vendors, join in on keynotes/speaker sessions, and more.
What is HReality?
Hybrid Reality (HReality) is a mixed reality environment created through the combination of AR, VR, cinematography, and the professionalization of gamification, professionalication. By integrating the physical human experience into the digital worlds, HReality is truly a first-person affair — see it, feel it, experience it. Learn more about HReality at
How do I host an HReality Event?
Host your HReality Event in 5 simple steps.
  • Download application
  • Place event reservation and date
  • Upload spreadsheet of attendees
  • Upload spreadsheet of sponsors and exhibitors
  • Invites get sent out
What is the ideal size for an HReality Event?
Our goal is the success of your event — whatever shape or size that comes in. HReality Events can accommodate intimate seminars and high traffic exhibit halls. HReality venues are built to scale to your needs.

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