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Meet the Team

The HReality virtual development team can be found around the world and is chock full of technology specialists in human-computer interaction, virtual reality, and game development.

Troy Patterson

Lead Unity Developer

Brian Johnson

Interactive Senior Developer

Gerry Tucker

AR Developer

A true maven in all areas of development, Troy is the man leading the HReality virtual development team. He puts his talents into the functionality implementation, feature development, optimization, and source control management of HReality. Passionate about all things computers, Troy earned a degree in Computer Science at the University of Texas at San Antonio and taught video game development courses at tech camps for kids in Austin. Troy is a man of many talents: he can recite the prologue to Romeo and Juliet, captured all 151 Pokémon on Pokémon Red, and created an in-house music studio where he’s recorded albums, EPs, mixtapes, and music videos. Outside of work, Troy enjoys playing basketball, video games, watching plays, building computers, working out, and BBQing with family.

Troy Patterson, Lead Unity Developer
Troy Patterson, Lead Unity Developer
Troy Patterson, Lead Unity Developer

Brian is the man with his fingers in the code. With a deep understanding of Unity’s different moving parts and mechanisms, Brian is a specialist in the management, implementation, and deployment of UI/UX elements into the virtual experiences on the HReality platform. Brian enjoys blending the 3D environments of game programming with human-computer interaction. Within HReality, this is taken a step further to personify business professional interactions and networking at the highest level of fidelity. Brian loves gaming for its ability to bring people together over distance and earned his degree in Game Programming from the University of Advancing Technology. Brian’s hobbies include playing Dungeons and Dragons, biking, and hanging out with his wife and cats.

Brian Johnson, Interactive Senior Developer
Brian Johnson, Interactive Senior Developer
Brian Johnson, Interactive Senior Developer

Who’s that man in the suit? It’s Gerry! … and it’s not just any suit, it’s a wearable device that records his body movements to be made into animations. As an AR developer for HReality, Gerry works on motion capture, animation systems, and color customization. Gerry’s expertise is leading the capture and creation of business professional body movements for HReality. With a BFA in Game Art Animation and minor in Game Design from DePaul University, Gerry has combined his passion for tricking with his profession. Born from family ties to the Jesse White Tumblers, a Chicago-based tumbling team, Gerry’s foundation in tumbling led him to discovering tricking and creating a career out of it. In his free time, Gerry likes to trick, watch anime, and study and play games.

Gerry Tucker, AR Developer
Gerry Tucker, AR Developer
Gerry Tucker, AR Developer
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Team FabCom is home to award-winning creatives, technologists, and strategists working together to deliver truly effective integrated marketing and advertising services.

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Find answers to the questions we get asked the most about HReality and hosting an event.

What is HReality Events?
HReality Events is an event CMS and interactive virtual event environment. Through the combination of event sign up, contact management, marketing, and event interaction/experience, HReality Events offers more interaction to virtual gatherings on a large scale with the ability monetize. By encompassing a virtual space where the user is free to navigate as they please, the technology and platform don’t hinder the conference experience. Content reaches people in a similar manner to a traditional conference medium. As users drive their avatar through the venue, they can network with other attendees and vendors via video chat or instant messenger, download collateral from vendors, join in on keynotes/speaker sessions, and more.
What is HReality?
Hybrid Reality (HReality) is a mixed reality environment created through the combination of AR, VR, cinematography, and the professionalization of gamification, professionalication. By integrating the physical human experience into the digital worlds, HReality is truly a first-person affair — see it, feel it, experience it. Learn more about HReality at hreality.com.
How do I host an HReality Event?
Host your HReality Event in 5 simple steps.
  • Download XXX app
  • Place event reservation and date
  • Upload spreadsheet of attendees
  • Upload spreadsheet of sponsors and exhibitors
  • Invites get sent out
What is the ideal size for an HReality Event?
Our goal is the success of your event — whatever shape or size that comes in. HReality Events can accommodate intimate seminars and high traffic exhibit halls. HReality venues are built to scale to your needs.

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