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4D Interactive Booths with Embedded Analytics

HReality Events enables sponsors and exhibitors to customize and manage their booths, generate digital collateral to leave with attendees, and provides post-event analytics on booth visits, collateral downloads, attendee interactions, and much more. All virtual booths in the exhibit hall are fully interactive and explorable.

The booths were engineered to mirror the real world rather than implementing a continuation of what virtual was and has been (a duplicate online interaction vs. the primary interface of interaction). All of the functionality you would normally have in an in-person booth is offered with HReality virtual booths.  

Now, your company experts are empowered to instantly talk, demo, schedule meetings, sell products, and provide downloadable collateral with end-to-end real-time analytics within the fully interactive HReality virtual booths.

Differences you can see

Conference or convention — it's custom

Host your convention at our HReality Convention Center, a digitally accurate venue inspired by the best convention centers from around the world, or have your environment custom built for your event.

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Personified and personalized avatars

Establish trust and create connections as you — with real life likeness, HReality avatars not only look the part, but they act it with real business etiquette, mannerisms, and gestures that allow the next level of interaction to happen virtually.

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Video and messaging interaction in realtime

One-to-one or one-to-many, interactions are spontaneously prompted by you within the 4D environment. All interactions are dependent on your decisions, just like real relationship building. As you enter proximity, you will be prompted to interact.

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